Black lab jack russell mix size

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Hi and welcome to LF, I assume the DOB was August 2010 as we are in 2011 now , as for Dexters size as already stated he could end up Lab height or he may not, Labs are generally not fully grown til around 18 months or so I believe, Jack Russel Terroists I imagine would be fully grown well before that. We have a member here who also has a Lab X JRT and from what I remember of his pics he`s ... Jack Russell/Lab Mix | As for the Jack/Lab mix that could be an excellent dog or the worst dog ever. It will just depend on which traits they get. A large dog with a Jack Russell attitude could be dangerous. The wife and I have a "pugador" which was supposed to be a pub/lab mix. What is the temperament of a labrador terrier mix? Would ... How do Labrador/Retriever/Terrier mix puppies behave? Can anyone name the mix of dog breeds of this cutie? Part Labrador and part terrier perhaps? What is the best way to breed a Terrier/Labrador mix? What are the character traits of a Blue Heeler/Jack Russell Terrier mix? What are Husky Heeler mixes like?

List of Labrador Retriever Mix Breed Dogs

Oct 14, 2010 · Cash is a jrt/black lab mix. He's 5 months old. He is a few inches taller and longer than the standard jrt. I'm wondering how big do you think he will be. Around what weight at full grown. And will he be closer to the size of a black lab at full grown. Is a Labrador Retriever / Jack Russell Terrier Mix...

Terrier Mix Breeds

Terrier Mix - Pros and Cons of the Top Terrier Cross Breeds Labrador Terrier Mix. The Labrador Retriever is often bred with larger terrier breeds. ... The Jack Russell terrier mixed with a Dachshund is affectionately called a Jackshund. ... The lifespan of a terrier mix largely depends on the size of the dog and the breed of the other, non-terrier dog. ... Black Jack of the Month - Our Laura Alice, a former shelter dog is a Jack Russell/Black Lab mix and she is black 30lbs. white chest hairs and back feet white tips. She is a RIOT. All the energy of a JR, and all the sweetness and character of a Lab. We adore her! Don't tell her though....we keep threatening to send her back when she misbehaves. Or I can get a Lab and Jack Russell mix | Dog(s) | Jack ...

List of Labrador Retriever Mix Breed Dogs

Thinking of Getting a Terrier Mix Dog as Your Pet? Then Read You just can't seem to take your eyes off those cute terrier dogs being walked by their owners or playing around in the public gardens. You might just want to get one for yourself.