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An Internet poker company that was blocked from operating in the U.S. in the spring as part of an online gambling crackdown was "not a legitimate poker company, but a global Ponzi scheme," federal ... Online Poker CEO Arrested for Ponzi Scheme - The Daily Beast Online Poker CEO Arrested for Ponzi Scheme. ... by federal law-enforcement officials for his involvement in a $430 million Ponzi scheme. Bitar is the CEO of Full Tilt Poker, ... it at CNN Money. Talk:Full Tilt Poker - Wikipedia The company is a maze of offshore and onshore shell corporations across the globe. I highly doubt that even if they do own those domains, they are in the name of Full Tilt Poker, much more likely one of their shell companies, which would be difficult, at best, to prove belonged to Full Tilt Poker or who owns Full Tilt Poker.

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U.S. attorney charges poker sites for operating Ponzi ... The U.S. attorney in Manhattan on Tuesday accused the operators of the online poker site Full Tilt of operating like a Ponzi scheme, siphoning more than $400 million to board members and owners ...

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Sep 20, 2011 · The U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, claimed on Tuesday that Full Tilt Poker and its board of directors operated the company “as a massive Ponzi scheme against its own players.” Gambling Site Full Tilt Poker Alleged to Be a Ponzi Scheme Sep 21, 2011 · According to attorneys who filed a civil suit yesterday on behalf of the U.S. government, the popular poker website Full Tilt Poker—whose logo had been splashed all over ESPN and the hats and T-shirts of top poker pros— “was not a legitimate poker company but a global Ponzi scheme.” POKER: Full Tilt Poker Accused Of Stealing Winnings In

Internet gambling site Full Tilt Poker and its operators built a global Ponzi scheme that bilked online players out of at least $390 million, according to new allegations in an amended civil lawsuit filed by federal prosecutors.

The U.S. Justice Department accused poker celebrities Howard Lederer and Christopher Ferguson among other executives of a major poker website of defrauding poker players out of more than $300 million. Full Tilt Poker boss arrested over $430m 'Ponzi scheme ... The CEO of Full Tilt Poker has handed himself in to American authorities to face charges of running a Ponzi scheme against its users. Raymond Bitar was arrested by the FBI at JFK Airport, in New ...